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Enveloppes XL³ N 250 & 630 et Convivio | Legrand Sénégal


XL³-N - a comprehensive and reliable range

The XL³-N 250 and XL³-N 630 enclosures provide the convenience of a comprehensive range with a minimum of catalogue numbers to meet the efficiency needs of any professional. Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial environments, they are easy to use, combining easy assembly with great configuration flexibility thanks to their fixing kits and modular fittings. Totally reliable, they are tested and approved for compliance with the IEC 61439-2 standard.

XL³-N 250 & 630 - easy implementation of the circuit breakers and multiple configurations possible

The main circuit breakers can be fixed on the busbar in just a few quick and easy steps. Just a few catalogue numbers of fixing kits for XL³-N 250 cabinets are enough to cover all the professional’s needs in terms of circuit breakers: MCBs up to 63 A and MCCBs up to 250 A (DRX and DPX³ ranges). The XL³-N 630 cabinets are supplied with the fixing kits, allowing installation of MCCBs up to 630 A according to each project requirements (DRX and DPX³ ranges).

Increased safety, ergonomics and adaptability: the busbar

Insulation, labelling, corrosion resistance, terminal shields... busbars have all these benefits and can adapt to each configuration with its different sizes available (125 A, 250 A, 400 A and 630 A).